The entire i-EM infrastructure has been developed following the philosophy of Business Intelligence (BI) in order to transform data into knowledge and provide decision support systems.

The success of this implementation is the use of techniques of historicizing, analysis and presentation of data in order to support decision making of Energy Management.
The i-EM Business Intelligence technology consists of three layers: the  data layer, the analysis layer and the presentation layer.

i-EM adopts systems of Big Data Analytics to manage all the information acquired and processed (georeferenced within spatial database).

i-EM services run on an IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) powered by following feature:

  • Scalable, adaptable to the customer needs
  • High reliability: SLA of 99.9%
  • Redundant: distributed architecture in the cloud across multiple servers in different geographic world regions
  • High performances guaranteed for the provision of services (i.e. Bandwidth)