Energy Management Solutions

Advanced analytics by satellite data awareness

Enabling energy decision making by satellite-based knowledge

ADVANCED management for energy generation, storing, transmission and efficient energy use

Our Vision

Using satellite and other data sources to improve the management and predictability of energy assets for all key stakeholders.

Our Mission

To enable all players in the market to make the optimal decisions by providing real-time data and assessments about all key elements of the energy grid.


What we do

Renewable Energy Plants Monitoring

Optimization the performance of your system even with storage system. Advanced big data analysis approach for a decision support tool providing accurate, updated and necessary information such as performances, diagnostics and energy production predictions.

Remote Solar Radiation Sensor Check

Automatic sensor check-up from remote: from scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance approach, optimizing time and cost.

Energy Forecast Management

The best combination of algorithms configures automatically to provide the most precise forecast:

  • NOWCasting, up to 6 hours
  • FORECasting, up to 3 days
  • LTFORECasting, up to 15 days

case studies

Our main successes

Microgrid in Ollague, Chile

Hydroelectric fleet value creation by data gathering, big data analytics development and application on pilot plants data.

Solar Predictive

i-EM provides advanced diagnostics and predictive solutions through big data technology application, in order to monitor, detect and prevent GU (inverter) faults and reduce lost production for PV energy plants in Romania and Greece.

Forecast Data

Nowcast and forecast big data for EGP plants in Upington, South Africa. i-EM provides forecast and nowcast data to Enel Green Power first PV production plant in South Africa (began in August 2014).

Solar Plants Monitoring

i-EM provided different tools for the PV plant park owned by Enel group, in order to optimize digitalization of plant information, Performance Ratio validation and predictive maintenance services.



i-EM SAT Ltd headquarters

Building R104, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0QX (UK)



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i-EM SAT is always looking for outstanding talents to offer the best solutions in satellite based technologies.

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